Llama experience in Redwood Park

Llama Hike & Class in Redwood Park

We offer a class and a llama experience in the beautiful forest and energy of the redwoods. These are educational classes at Redwood Park, EBRPD, Oakland, CA. We want you to experience the llamas, to feel and share their medicine, energy and message.

Reserve your participation. Click on the buttons to see the schedule and registration for Llamas - Mystics of Andes through East Bay Regional Park.


Llama Medicine


Animal assisted interventions and therapy are designed to promote improvement in human physical, social, emotional, and/or cognitive functioning.

Visit the llamas


Visit Llamas of Circle Home ranch and meet the llama family, located in Sonora in the sierra foothills of California.

Educational & PR Events


Llamas are a bridge between nature and human beings. Their presence can open new venues of interrelation.



“Being with the llamas makes me feel at peace. I can't describe it... It's something that you just need to experience to understand.”