Llamas are a bridge between nature and human beings. Their presence can open new venues of interrelation. Llamas of Circle Home have been to many mental health and wellness events at universities, schools, institutes for autism and other institutions around the Bay Area for educational purposes and public relations events. Feel free to contact us if you are interested to share this experience with you.


UC Berkeley Wellness Activity

LCH is currently part of UC Berkeley Wellness events on campus. Through animal assisted interventions we bring the medicine of llamas to students for Midterms/Finals.

Suicide Prevention Walk 

LCH has been participating in the Suicide Prevention & Awareness Walk in Berkeley, CA supporting its mission. Students shared personal stories and created a bond about the importance of supporting survivors of suicide loss.

Lindsay Wildlife Experience

LCH with the aim to educate people around llamas and their cultural heritage offers educational classes in different institutions and centers. Lindsay Wildlife Experience invited us to participate and share a class and hands-on llama experience at their location in Walnut Creek, CA.