Come see the llamas and experience their wonderful spirit! We will give you an insightful tour of the herd dynamics of these social animals.




If you are adventurous, come up on a hike with us into the Oakland hills! 

'Adopt a Llama' at the Ranch

Visit the ranch and meet the llama family. Located in the peaceful town of Sonora, find your llama friend today.

PR Events

Llamas & VR, Berkeley campus, Geo and the llamas go everywhere to spread the llama llove! 


“Being with the llamas makes me feel at peace. I can't describe it... It's something that you just need to experience to understand.”
George Caldwell has been raising llamas for the last 30 years in the sierra foothills of California. Connecting people with nature, life and with themselves through the magic of the llamas, inspiring children and elders in the area.