Visit the llamas

The Ancient Andeans dreamed llamas into existence to communicate at the Soul level as our Speechless Brothers.  We strive to facilitate the interactions between the llamas and the individual to enrich the Llama Experience. Through greeting, approaching, touching, feeding and leading the llamas the visitor connects with the llama energy.

We strive to integrate the natural wisdom of the llama with the cultural heritage of this intelligent creature by relating knowledge of the Andean cosmology and the Andean spiritual path.

We open our gate for visitants who wants to experience the llama universe and their way of living. If you around the sierras you can visit us by reservation. Meet our 33 llamas, feel the different personalities radiating from each one, their medicine and spirit and leave with a better understanding of these magical and amazing beings.  

Reservations by phone: Geo (209) 603-5280 / Fred (209) 596-3625