Therapeutic aspect of the Llama's effect on People

The Llama was dreamed into existence to communicate at the Soul Level by the Spiritual Leaders of the Ancients of the Andes. There is a constellation in the sky of the Southern Hemisphere that can only be seen in its full content and context from high in the Mountains. Known to the Ancients as Hatun Mayu, the Milky Way shines so bright with their magnitude undiminished by Earth's atmosphere. There you can see black void in the Milky Way that is shaped in the form of a Llama. This "Black Llama" features the two brightest stars in the Southern Hemisphere, Alpha Centauri and Beta Centauri, the "Eyes of the Llama". When there is no moon and no clouds you can see a baby llama stretching up to it's Mother's neck.  


As "Speechless Brothers and Sisters", the llamas were a part of the "Family" or "Ayllu", meaning they lived with the Real People of the Andes, the Runakuna. They have been socially connected to the Real People for 7,000 years.  

What I do is to teach young impressionable llamas to interact with People in a positive way. Most llamas will learn readily, but some easily learn because they innately know many things.  

In order to develop a well rounding therapy llama, it is imperative that they learn to travel. We utilize a van for travel. I feel that a trailer is a accuard, impersonal and isolated. Llamas learn much about people travelling in close corners with them. Those llamas know instinctively that they don’t want to dirty the area they are sitting. They learn to stand up and vocalize discomfort when they need to go. The llamas also learns communication skills and co-operation and we both benefit from it. For me llamas are my family. Driving with them in the van, bring that closeness and intimate opportunity to get to know each other.

As llamas grow and learn from their van rides, they sometimes explore possibilities of interaction. And is not in common, for a traveling llama, to put his face next to my face or rest his head on my shoulder.

Over 36 years, I have had the responsibility to transport llamas for urgent medical care. If they are transport in a trailer, they could feel isolated, anxious, alone and worried. Traveling in a van, I can not only monitor their condition, but they are really sure about my presence and knowing my intention is of assistance. This show me that they can really understand human intentions.


When I teach the Llama how to interact with People, for those are the ones who have a genuine interest in their most unusual Brother, they learn how to respond in situations of interaction. They learn about people in general ways but also there are moments of mayor breakthroughs of understanding.

My llamas are not only learning how to interact with People, they learn how to utilize their Power over People with their granted interest in them. They actually intentionally are trying to change the frequency of people into their own loving frequency. People Need Love. The Three Stages of Love are Giving, Receiving and Sharing. When People see Sentient Llamas their Eyes get large and their smiles are fully Evident. People Naturally Give Love, Experience Love when they see a Llama.


I make the Llama accessible to People, giving them the Magical Moment of Meeting a Llama. There is the opportunity to interact with the llama by Greeting (The Llama Greeting is Nose to Nose, gently exhaling Ceremoniously, giving the Llama the Essence of your Being), Touching, which is either done with fear or love. It always ends up in Love. Love is Therapeutic.

Seeing Llamas making the Effort to Make Your Day and de-stress always send Joy to the Soul. A smile and a feeling of well being will be with you while you are in the Presence of the Llama. This Shared Love Experience not only has deep meaning for the Individual, it is something that can be recalled with fondness. The Stress will Return. For a period of Time the Stress gives way to the Love Energy that is Freely Given by the Llama. It is a Stress Management Tool.  

People interact with Llamas in a certain way. People can interact with Llamas with the Knowledge of the Llama Energy. If you approach a young Llama with Nervousness or Anxiety it will most likely not want anything to do with you. That is the absolute beauty of working with Llamas trained to understand People. The Llama who Knows has the ability to try to React to the Person in a way that He is actually trying to modify the Person's behavior to conform to that of a Person, a Person who knows to slow down to the Llama Wavelength Energy.

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I have been bringing llamas into the public domain from the past 36 years. Over and over again I witnessed the positive effect of the llamas on people. Now it is my intention to find llamas with therapeutic potential, train them, educate them, and place them into positions where they can be more effective for the benefit on human well being.

Geo Caldwell