Hiking with llamas


Llamas - Mystics of Andes :: Redwood Regional Park Oakland, CA 

We offer a class and a llama hike experience in nature, in the forest of redwoods. These are educational and animal assisted interventions at Redwood Park, EBRPD, Oakland, CA. We want you to experience the llamas, to feel and share their medicine, energy and message. 

Reserve your participation. Click on to see the schedule and registration for Llamas - Mystics of Andes through East Bay Regional Park. 



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Llama Michiq Training Program - Sonora, CA

Llamas were the "Speechless Brothers" of the ancient Andean culture. Through careful breeding and other acquisitions we have gathered, produced and cared for llamas since we first got llamas in 1982. We started packing them in 1985. We currently offer ranch tours in Sonora and training with the llamas.

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